Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Day Off...

Greetings from our team's new favorite hangout, The Dream Cafe, a small coffee shop and restaurant about five minutes from the Mercy Home where we are staying. We are taking some time off today. I knew we needed to sleep in a bit, do our laundry (by hand on the roof), and communicate with friends and family. We had a busy week and have another busy week ahead. 

The highlight of this week for me as the leader was the class we taught yesterday morning on Leadership to the 25 leaders that meet weekly at Koinonia Patan Church. We planned the lesson after a long day on Saturday. Not gonna lie, we were afraid we wouldn't be able to fill 2 hours! But we prayed, we split up the speaking, and we went to teach! Collin coined the phrase "Operation Wing It" for our trip--referring to times when we really don't know what's happening! He wasn't kidding. That class was Phase 4 (meaning the 4th time on the trip when we really had no idea how things would go). 

It turned out that we actually had to shorten the class! We taught on How Jesus Exemplified Leadership. Our 4 points were 1) Jesus trusted his disciples; 2) Jesus prayed alone/took time to recharge; 3) Jesus was humble; and 4) Jesus did not doubt. Each of us took a turn either expounding on scripture that supported the point and sharing personal examples. The students did an awesome job. I was so proud of their honesty, thoughtfulness, and depth. 

After the class we went back to the home for breakfast and high-fived. We were so relieved and excited about how we pulled together. And we laughed, as always. Mostly because we forgot that part of the culture in Nepal is to have tea 4-5 times a day. There was a tea break at 8 am that was supposed to last for 10 minutes but lasted about 20. Thank The Lord for tea time!!! 

And thank The Lord for His amazing grace, power, guidance, and wisdom. 

Thanks for the prayers! We feel them! 

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