Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Munday Monday

We are finishing up our first week in Nepal now, and although although various team members are struggling with some sickness, we're all pretty well adjusted to the culture, and the roads around where we're staying are becoming familiar to us.

Last night we navigated those roads for the first time without a Nepali guide to go visit Dan and Phillipa Munday.  The Mundays went to church with me for 4 years when I lived in England, and we have many mutual friends there, so it was a wonderful opportunity for me personally to catch up with them, and a privilege to get to introduce them to the rest of the team.  Phillipa teaches here at the KISC school, which we'd heard about a couple times in passing, but she was able to explain to us that it was founded as a study center mostly for missionary kids, but now teaches a wide variety of students.  Since we visited around dinner time, we were blessed with a meal of pasta and tomato sauce, which was welcome comfort food after many days of rice, daahl, and "taircurry" which is good, but still not what we are all used to yet.

Otherwise we are doing well as a team.  Every day I feel like we're becoming more and more like a family, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be in such a beautiful country, meeting such wonderful people.  We were supposed to go visit the monkey temple today, but ended up not going in since they were doing cremations.  Although maybe a little disappointed, we still got to walk around the town more, and see all of the monkeys, which are as populous as squirrels in some places here, and get some more great exposure to this culture.

Time for more rice for dinner, we'll post again soon.

Becca Coryell

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