Sunday, June 2, 2013


Wow. To think that we came into this trip as (somewhat) strangers and now are leaving New Wilmington as already great friends. Our orientation period has proven to be such a blessing in already solidifying our group before Nepal. 

We began with a salad+French fry filled lunch complete with mingling and our commissioning. One part we all agreed during devotions that was just incredible was Mark's prayer. During our commissioning he went around and prayed for us each individually. We all agreed we were thinking how can he make an individual prayer that did not repeat the previous. Yet he was able to (as Collin stated in "Captain Planet" fashion) name each of our individual skills and talents. This prayer began the theme for the weekend as we had devotional time, fellowship and training time with Don Dawson, the summer service committee and Govinda (member of the Koinonia Patan church and who essentially planned our entire trip!). Our individual skills and talents we bring to the team were even more evident when on Saturday we participated in "Titan Traverse", Westminiter College's low ropes course. 

After a beautiful church service at New Wilmington Presbyterian Church, complete with us singing the much appropriate "Here I Am, Lord", we gathered out luggage and were on our way to DC. 

Currently I write this on our 14 hour plane ride to Qatar followed by an overnight layover. Plenty of movies have been watched, sleep gotten and jokes made. Yet not much airplane food has been eaten since we all agreed on our last meal in the state to be what else, but Chipotle. Actually, this push for Chipotle was greatly pushed by Sammy who must have mentioned it on the ride to DC 15 times. Way to initiate that Sammy.

By the time you get this we will probably be in Nepal! Keep praying!

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