Monday, May 27, 2013

"So...How are you feeling?"

In the past few days, I have heard that question alot -- "How are you feeling?" -- along with "Are you ready?"

My answer, with only a few days until our team meets up in New Wilmington is:

"I feel great. I'm totally at peace."

Some people reading this may be surprised to hear that! I know that leaving the country for 6 weeks is a big deal. There are lots of details to take care of while I'm gone. There's the packing. There's the check-ins with the students. There's my job here in Arizona that won't have me at the helm for the summer. 

But I truly am ready, and I truly am at peace. In the past few months, several things have happened to show me how, in God's perfect timing, He has prepared me to lead this team to Nepal. From my year as a Young Adult Volunteer to my current job as a Campus Minister; from my experiences with the World Mission Initiative trip to SouthEast Asia while in seminary to recent glimpses of God's provision of logistics here in Arizona; it is all coming together so beautifully. 

When praying about this trip a few months ago before I was named as the official leader of this Summer Service trip, I remember praying with a friend, "Lord Jesus, I hand this all over to you. I have faith in your perfect will for me." That is still my prayer tonight as I type this entry on our blog. I hand this trip over to our Lord and Savior, who is walking with our team every step of the way. I have faith in His will for us all on this experience. On the ups, the downs, the language barrier, the darkness we may encounter,on our hosts, on our travels, on our growth, on our tears. 

So I am ready. I am at peace. I am excited to see what God is gonna do with this amazing team of young adults that I have the great priviledge of leading. AMEN!

- Ellen

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