Friday, May 10, 2013

Prayers for our Team!

Hi there everyone! Just wanted to update you on the status of our team and our trip. 

First of all, our team has had a rough week this week. I got a text early Monday morning from one of the team members. They said they had spent the previous day tearing their home apart trying to find their passport. It simply vanished. So, they decided to overnight and expedite it. Later that day I sent a message to our entire team via facebook to PRAY for this passport!!! I said, "Let's pray it into their hands." I can't wait to get the call that the passport has arrived. I also texted everyone today and said "text me back when you have touched your passport."

So that was Monday....yesterday I heard from Sammy that his phone had been stolen so he had to get a new phone. Bummer. Then I got a message that he had broken his arm! I called him yesterday - he's doing fine but had to go to a specialist today. He's in good spirits about the whole thing, and like I said, if he has to have a cast in Nepal, at least he'll get people to sign it in their language and it'll be the coolest cast ever. Pray for his quick healing and for all of that medical stuff to fall into place.

And now on to me....I am moving out of my apartment tomorrow, so needless to say this week has been crazy busy just trying to pack and arrange everything. On top of that I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday who informed me that I had to get a root canal. Just great. Then, I went to the endodontist yesterday who actually recommended I just get the darn tooth pulled....well "extracted" in medical terms. Just great. So I have to schedule all of that before we leave.....

Please pray for us!! I have already seen God at work in the midst of these stressors -- how our team has pulled together to encourage one another, how God has provided me with friends to help me move, and most of all how the kindness of other people is here right in front of me. Did I mention that the dentist and the endodontist BOTH did not charge me for my apointments??? God provides. That would have easily cost me $300+. So with that in mind, I have full confidence that the passport will be sent soon, and that Sammy's arm will be taken care of and well on it's way to healing before we leave on June 2nd. 

Thanks for the prayers! Ellen

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