Monday, May 20, 2013

Nepal Prayer Calendar

How can you pray for us? Well, we just happen to have a Prayer Calendar for you! Please print this out and keep it on your fridge, or at your office, or in your Bible....wherever you will see it and be able to pray for our team while we are in Nepal! 

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer. 

NWMC Summer Service - NEPAL Prayer Calendar      

Please pray…..

WEEK 1   June 2-8       Ephesians 3:14-21
- For safe travels from New Wilmington to D.C.; D.C. to Qatar; Qatar to Nepal
- For the team’s adjustment to living in Kathmandu
- For their ability to learn and remember names                          
- For the team to trust God and lean on the Lord’s guidance
- For the team’s prayer time together

WEEK 2   June 9-15       Philippians 2:1-18
- For the language learning and barriers
- For the Holy Spirit to give the team creative ideas
- For the team to learn about service to one another
- For good rest and lots of laughter
- For the team’s time in worship - both as a group and with the church members

 WEEK 3  June 16-22       Psalm 89:1-18
- For the team to bear with one another in love
- For the people with whom the team is living
- For Christ to be revealed in new ways in Nepal  
- For the team’s health and safety
- For their prayer walks in Kathmandu to bear fruit

WEEK 4   June 23-29       Ephesians 6:10-18
- For the team’s safety as they travel to a sister church
- For protection from spiritual darkness                  
- For courage, strength, and God’s peace to reign
- For new Christians in Nepal

WEEK 5   June 30-July 6      Ephesians 3:14-21
- For the staff and leadership of Koinonia Patan Church
- For the team members to clearly see how they are using their gifts         
- For the mission agencies and mission workers in Nepal
- For physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy

 WEEK 6   July 7-14       Psalm 146
- For the spread of the gospel in Nepal
- For the Holy Spirit’s presence with the team this final week             
- For the team’s health and fatigue
- For the worship time at Koinonia Patan Church

WEEK 7 & NWMC  July 15-27   John 4:7-15
- For the team’s goodbyes to their hosts and partners in Nepal
- For a safe return to New Wilmington and readjustment to the time zone
- For the team to deal well with culture shock and exhaustion
- For the team to be able to process and communicate well at NWMC
- For discernment as they move on from this experience and time of service

(Feel free to email Ellen at for a color copy of this calendar with everyone's pictures on it!)

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