Saturday, July 13, 2013

An American Meal for our Nepali friends!

Last night, the Summer Service Team cooked an American meal for our friends here. We invited Anil, the Administrator at Koinonia Patan Church; Ma, our cook and caretaker at the Mercy Home along with her husband Prem and her daughter Prameda; Rita, our friend from the church who has accompanied us on several outings; Michael, the Pastor for Evangelism and his wife and son; and Tulsi, the manager at the Mercy Home along with his wife. (A few other people were invited but they could not make it.)

It was quite a feast! We found spaghetti and spaghetti sauce at the grocery store, so we went with that to save us from having to buy any meat or poultry at the market that we would have to butcher ourselves! I made green beans with tomatoes--one of my Aunt's favorite recipes. The girls made garlic bread, with fresh garlic that the grandmas were drying on the roof. And dessert, well that was the most challenging of the courses. We didn't have an oven. No 9x13 pans. No time for Jello to set. So Staci, Rebecca and I thought of apple crisp. We bought brown sugar, cinnamon, and oats, and heated that on the stovetop with the sliced apples. Staci then sent the guys out to get some vanilla ice cream. It all turned out great! We actually had to keep Ma and Prameda out of the kitchen, though. We had to remind them that they were our guests! 

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye and Thank You. I'm so proud of how the team came together--everyone pitched in (Sam and Jon did all of the dishes). 

Only a few more days here in Nepal. Blessings, Ellen


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